Special Benefits Of Training A Goldendoodle Puppy

If you are considering adding a dog to your family, there are many reasons to get a Goldendoodle, especially if you have young children. Beyond simply being cute and cuddly, Goldendoodles make loyal and loving playmates. They will be an integral member of the family in no time and will increase the joy in your home tremendously. Moreover, the fact that they are low- to non-shedding and less reactive for allergy sufferers makes them all the easier to live with and enjoy.

Due to their high intelligence and emotional sensitivity, Goldendoodles have the capacity to become an even greater asset to their families and communities, especially in times of distress. The fact that they are so trainable and sociable allows them to function in the community in ways that other dogs cannot. The following post shows how a specially trained Goldendoodle can help in times of bereavement:

Goldendoodle puppy training to brighten funeral services

SOUTH POINT – There are often very few bright spots in a visit to a funeral home. But if you ever find yourself at Slack and Wallace Funeral Home in South Point, the brightest silver lining is meeting the mortuary’s newest employee.

Meet Lola – a 5-month-old goldendoodle puppy in training to become the certified grief therapy dog-in-residence at Slack and Wallace. Lola will be tasked with comforting family and guests, and will become a permanent fixture at the mortuary once she is certified by Therapy Dogs International after her first birthday in June.

“Dogs have a calming effect,” said Beth Wallace McNearney, funeral director and Lola’s owner. “They just make you feel good.”

Your Goldendoodle will be an immense comfort to your family, friends and community if taken through grief therapy training, as the post above describes. They can be instrumental in helping people deal with the loss of a loved one.

Goldendoodle at the beach

There are other ways your Goldendoodle can improve your well-being, as well as that of your family. Having your canine companion trained for play therapy could be the key to living a more balanced life, as explained in the following post:

Goldendoodle puppy starts training to become play therapy dog

Little River, S.C. (WPDE) — Ellen King has a new goldendoodle puppy named Beans and he’s being trained to be more than just a loving pet.

Goldendoodle’s are a golden retriever and poodle mix and a hypo-allergenic breed. King, a licensed counselor and a registered play therapist at TLC Counseling Center in Little River, got him to help her at work.

“Therapy dogs are for emotional support. He’s going to be a therapy dog, but in addition to that he’ll do play therapy with me,” she said….

“When talking to an adult you could say, ‘Hey, whats going on with you this week? What’s happening?’ An adult could tell you back, usually, typically. A child, not so. But, they can show you through their art, their play, role play, puppets, that type of thing.”

As you see, your goldendoodle can also be your career partner. What a neat combination. The joy of making people’s lives better is the icing on the cake for this beautiful crossbreed that is skyrocketing in popularity.

While your Goldendoodle possesses the potential to serve in the ways we’ve discussed, you may be content to simply have them be a beloved member of the family. That’s a great choice too. Just don’t neglect your doodle’s training as a result. As soon as they arrive home, the process begins. The following post describes how you and your canine best friend can benefit from basic Goldendoodle training:

Socialization is Critical

Most people think socialization means recklessly interacting with the thing (dogs, people, children, etc.) Nothing could be farther from the truth! It is crucial for your puppy to see the things he will encounter as a dog, but it is even more crucial that he develop good habits with these things!

Goldendoodles and doodles in general tend to be very social. Some would say, overly social. And, it is interesting to note that this mixture of breeds often grows bigger than either of the two that went into making them.

So, it is crucial to begin training your puppy early with making your puppy sit and have manners when he meets new people, children or dogs!

Remember, it’s your responsibility as a dog owner to help your Goldendoodle understand proper behavior and limits and become the best companion possible.