Goldendoodles – Making The World A Happier Place

There are many things to look for in a dog when you’re ready to get one. By necessity, these preferences must jibe with your lifestyle and living conditions. The main thing, though, is that your canine companion suits your personality and makes you smile. You want a new best friend that you look forward to spending time with. If you’re comparing dogs in this light, you really should consider a Goldendoodle.

In this post we’ll look at some particular Goldendoodles and the circumstances that make them unique and so beloved by their owners. First up is Murphy. By the time you finish reading the following post, you’ll love him too:

Murphy the Goldendoodle Will Definitely Make Your Day

Who needs an Easter basket when you can BE your Easter basket? Talk about ways to make your #ConeOfShame into the #ConeOfFame online!

Murphy the Goldendoodle identifies herself as part human. And after a scroll through her Instagram, you’ll totally agree. Her humans dress her up and pose her by the counter with a drink at hand and she’ll smile all by herself! It’s not editing – it’s all Murphy. She has over thirteen thousand followers on Instagram who love her photos. She loves kicking back with a beer or a glass of wine in her free time. That just means in the time where she’s not eating pizza or any other carb. But recently she’s had to wear the Cone of Shame. Since every hour for Murphy is happy, she’s made the best of it.

If you’re an avid social media user, there’s no need to leave your dog out of the fun. You might even build a larger following by keeping your Goldendoodle front and center in your posts. Of course, the bottom line is to have as many happy moments with your dog as possible, whether you share them with the world or not.

Goldendoodles add an extra amount of joy and color to special family times. In the following post, Waffles the Goldendoodle steals the spotlight in his owners’ engagement photos:

Puppy Love: Waffles the Goldendoodle

We’re starting off the week with a smile thanks to this puppy engagement session from Joey Photos. Joelle Julian photographed Waffles, the Goldendoodle, and his family in gorgeous San Diego, California.

From Joelle: “Meet Peter, Hillary and the adorable puppy Waffles, a Goldendoodle. I believe he was about 6-9 months in these photos. I took these engagement photos at Treasure Island Park in Laguna Beach. Peter is from Minnesota and Hillary from Nebraska, and they met online a few years ago. Work brought them to Orange County in 2015. They will be getting married this summer in Omaha. ”

The fact that Goldendoodles are so cute makes them incredibly photogenic. You may find yourself regularly taking selfies with your pup even if you hate cameras.

Goldendoodles have become so popular, there’s even one in the White House now. The First Family couldn’t resist the charm of this friendly breed. Putting political beliefs aside, check out the following post to see how Patton became the First Dog:

Who is Patton the Goldendoodle and how did he get chosen as First Dog?

Patton is currently nine weeks old and in the care of a lady named Lois Pope in Florida.

Pope is a prominent Trump supporter and philanthropist who advocates for veterans and animal causes.

She has known Trump for over 20 years and says that she wrote to him about little Patton, suggesting him as the family’s new pet.  During the Trump family’s recent Thanksgiving event at their Mar-a-Lago Club,  she then showed him a photo of the little pup.

Pope says that Donald told her to go ahead and show the pooch pic to his 10-year-old son, Barron.