Dog Paws – How You Can Take Better Care of Them

Dog paws need care and attention. Think of it this way — for your pet, everyday life consists of walking around “barefoot.” In essence, they are exposed to hard surfaces, thorns, broken glass, sharp stones, as well as very hot and very cold surfaces. Even though a dog’s paws are tougher than our own feet, these conditions can still create issues that need be addressed for the health and comfort of your canine best friend. Here are some general tips on how you can care for your pet’s paws from Dog Boarding Experts:

Caring For Your Dog’s Paws: 8 Tips

Your dog’s paws let him run, play fetch, go for walks, or just generally get around. Those paws need to be cared for to protect his well-being. Paw pads do a lot of work by absorbing shock, insulating from heat and cold, and giving support on rough ground. Pups need their paws to be in top shape to stay on the go, and it’s your job to take care of them and make sure your dog is able to keep moving. Here are eight tips for taking care of your dog’s paws.

  1. Watch For Chewing And Licking

If a dog licks or chews at his paw pads, it may be a sign that there is some kind of irritant there, which should be cleared off before your dog causes damage to his pads. If the chewing or licking becomes excessive, it could be a sign of an allergic reaction, which requires a trip to the vet. Read more at Dog Time…

Taking advanced precautions is always better than trying to repair damage. Unfortunately, you may discover that the damage has already been done. In such a case, a visit to the vet may be called for. Plus, what is revealed during the exam may surprise you.

In the following post, a vet explains how the condition of your Goldendoodle’s paws could be an indication of internal health issues:

How to Care for Your Dog’s Cracked and Dry Paws

When we head out for a hike or a run with our dog we put on our most supportive pair of athletic shoes. But our dogs are equipped with their own built-in sneakers. Their paw pads provide support and traction as well as shock absorption for their bones, tendons and ligaments.

But Dr. Donna Raditic, a veterinarian who specializes in nutrition and integrative medicine, says that a dog’s paw pads can also be an important indication of your dog’s overall health.

“The cells in a dog’s paw pads have a high turnover rate. They require a lot of nutrition and a lot of blood supply. If something isn’t perfect in the body it can show up there first. But we tend not to think that way. It can take something drastic before we notice there’s something wrong with our dog’s health.”

Always pay attention to the way your Goldendoodle behaves. When he or she is acting out of character, it could be a sign of ill health that needs to be investigated and addressed. As we mentioned, the best way to deal with your doodle’s paw problems is vet treatment, but when the issues are minor, you can address them at home using natural remedies, as explained in the post below:

So if your dog’s irritated paws don’t ever seem to be clearing up, talk with your vet. But to help relieve and prevent more temporary/situational problems, consider these four natural ways to soothe, pamper, cleanse and heal your pet’s paws at home.

  1. Provide natural barriers

I’ve found that a very thin layer of food-grade wax — such as beeswax, or those contained in the excellent and highly emollient Musher’s Secret — can help protect sensitive paws against the elements all year long. You can rub these waxes in before going outside to help discourage chapping and irritation. They’re technically edible, but just don’t overdo it.


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